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Hey there, adventure-loving, heart-connected wild lovers!

Are you ready to embark on a one-of-a-kind wedding journey that truly reflects the magic of your love?

Look no further!

We are Jacki and Mike, your Wild Wedding Celebrants in Cornwall, here to create an intimate handfasting, elopement, micro-wedding or vow renewal ceremony that’s as unique as you are, tailored just for you, surrounded by the rugged, natural beauty of Cornwall.

Are you an outdoor-loving couple who dreams of an authentic ceremony that embraces the mystery and magic of your very own love story?

Welcome to Wild Blessing Ceremonies.

We’re all about crafting ceremonies that are all about you – U-nique, U-nusual, U-ntraditional, U-nforgettable and U-nconventional.

So, if you’re nodding along and thinking, “Yep, that’s us,” you’re absolutely in the right place!

Let’s create a celebration that captures the essence of your adventurous spirits and makes your special day unforgettable.

Are you ready to explore, embrace and experience an exclusive wild blessing ceremony to celebrate your love?

Let’s make it happen!

Our love story –

We have been married now for 41 years – where does the time go? I hope that one day, you will be able to say this too.

We’re happy, adventurous wedding celebrants originally from South Africa, now soaking up the wild vibes in Cornwall!

We both have a passion for crafting fusion Weddings, Vow Renewals, Handfastings and Elopements.

We had the first ever Tibetan Wedding in South Africa by a visiting Lama in 1983 – our 15 minutes of fame!

We’ve brought our love for diversity, inclusivity and authenticity to the wild beauty of Cornwall.

Choose us individually or grab both of us for the price of one!

Especially for our Celtic/Pagan Handfastings, we recommend having both of us on board to weave in the magic of at least 6 different Rituals seamlessly.

The best part? No matter the weather or how off the beaten track your dream location is, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s make your wedding celebration a true reflection of your love story!

Our exclusive outdoor adventure elopement package with our family business Cornwall Elopements

Cornwall Elopements specializes in providing a quality service for adventurous couples seeking a unique, intimate and bespoke Cornish Elopement.

With our exclusive Wild Outdoor eco-friendly Package from Cornwall Elopements, you will benefit from local expertise, elopement planning assistance, flexible date options, ‘secret’ locations, weather/tide advice, safety tips, travel insights and recommended local vendors.

But wait, there’s more!

Our package includes a celebratory drink, picnic, beautiful photographs and a celebrant-led ceremony.

Please note, our sunrise/sunset adventure outdoor elopements are exclusively available only through our package.

Our other ceremonies are available throughout the day at a time and date to suit you, subject to availability.

If you would like to book this package, reach out to us using the contact form on this page!



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