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Fun, love & care – welcome to Cornwall Childcare!

Our aim at Cornwall Childcare is simple: Making the day perfect – for you, your partner, family and friends, while we care for those little ones.

Relax and savour your special day knowing they are safe in the good hands of our nannies or in our creche. Here’s what we do:

Wedding Nanny
A wedding nanny is there to provide you peace of mind in the knowledge your little one(s) can be part of the special day so you can all enjoy your day.

Wedding Creche
Do you have a lot of children coming to your wedding and don’t want them all running around screaming? Or even don’t want them getting bored?

These are common worries for parents at weddings – guests worrying their child will make noise during the ceremony or speeches and the happy couple worrying their guests aren’t able to relax.

Hire Our Wedding Creche
A fully equipped area with age appropriate toys and games, along with a team of our lovely wedding nannies means that children will be entertained and observed allowing parents to relax knowing their child is on site but occupied.

Creches are a perfect choice for a large amount of children but they can also be scaled to suit however many little VIP’s you have chosen to invite. All of our wedding creche packages range in price and we are more than happy to create a bespoke quote – just send us an email or use our contact form to get in touch.

Wedding Babysitting
An onsite service to care for your little ones while you dance the night away.

Overnight Care
Why not extend your evening babysit and hire an overnight nanny who will look after your little one throughout the night.



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