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Wedding planners in Devon & Cornwall

Whether it’s because your short on time or just want to get everything looking perfect, here are the best wedding planners in and around Devon & Cornwall.

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Wedding Regency

With Wedding Regency your next event is sure to be the talk of the town. We use our creativity to make your special day turn out exactly how you want it. Whether you’re planning the next big wedding, hen or stag party, We will make sure every detail is taken care of. We can plan for all types of weddings, including…

Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings, Proposals & Events

Hello, I’m Amanda-Louise owner and director of ‘Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings, Proposals & Events’, a specialist weddings and events business designed to ‘marry together’ aspects to curate extraordinary celebrations giving our clients a lifetime of happy memories.

Luno & Stella Weddings and Events

Luno & Stella is a bespoke wedding and events planning service, offering our assistance across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. We offer a number of packages, including part and full time wedding planning, supplier sourcing and on the day wedding co-ordination.

Weddings Made in Cornwall

Whether you’d like some direction to start planning your wedding, some help setting up the venue, someone to co-ordinate the day itself, or just want to know that everything will be taken care of the day after; Jen can assist, and make everything you imagined become a reality.

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